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We are committed to reducing barriers to UNI’s accessibility for all our members and clients, employees, suppliers and partners. Our goal is to provide an inclusive environment and a positive experience for everyone.

Guiding principles

  • Create an inclusive culture by working together to integrate accessibility into our behaviors;
  • Collaborate with people with disabilities to understand barriers in our workplace and identify solutions;
  • Recognize that it is a continually evolving process;
  • Encourage education and awareness of the importance of accessibility throughout the entire organization;
  • Provide an inclusive work environment to all employees with disabilities. 

Our priorities : diversity, equity and inclusion!

Since UNI was founded over 85 years ago, we have taken a people-centred approach. That is why it is essential to adopt best practices and stay true to our core values Solidarity - Responsibility - Courage


We have launched a number of initiatives to take stock of our current and future accessibility measures. Internal and external consultation have been completed, as well as an accessibility assessment of our branches and the development of building accessibility guidelines. 


Feedback process

Our contact details 

We welcome your feedback by contacting our Accessibility Team in one of the following ways:  

  • Email :
  • Phone : 1 888 359-1357
  • Mailing address: Accessibility Team – Talent Management,
295 Saint-Pierre Boulevard West
P.O. Box 5554, Caraquet, NB E1W  1B7

Alternative formats  

A copy of our feedback process, accessibility plan or progress reports can be obtained by emailing or by phone at 1 888 359-1357.

These documents can be sent to you in different formats:

  • Printed matter: 15 days;  
  • Large print (larger, clearer font): 15 days;  
  • Electronics compatible with adaptive technology: 15 days;  
  • Braille (a system of raised dots that blind or visually impaired people can read with their fingers): 45 days;  
  • Audio (recording of a person reading the text aloud): 45 days.  

By e-mail

Send us your comments


By Phone

Send us your comments


By mail

Accessibility Team – Human Resources

295 St-Pierre Boulevard West, P.O. Box 5554, Caraquet, NB  E1W 1B7