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What is changing

  • The FOLIO is no longer used as a designator for all accounts. It is replaced by a unique identifier.
  • Each product has an account number.

What stays the same

  • Your current chequing account number stays the same.
  • Your current plan stays the same.
  • Your pre-authorized transactions, direct deposits and withdrawals, as well as your saved and recurring bill payments under your old account number keeps being processed by the new system. However, when you first log in to the My Profile tool, you need to click on the synchronization button to access and manage your transactions via My Profile

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Frequently asked questions about the account

You keep your current chequing account number. Your other accounts no longer have a folio number. Each financial product has its own account number under a unique identifier.  
Your accounts with multiple folios are grouped together so that you can access all the accounts associated with your unique identifier. 
Yes, there are no changes to your plan. 
If you think you are a victim of identity theft or fraud on your UNI account, please contact us promptly at 1 888 359-1357. If it involves your credit card, call the number on the back of your card.  
Your preauthorized transactions, direct deposits, withdrawals, and saved and recurring bill payments with your old account number are still processed in the new system. No action is required on your part.  
Yes, all scheduled transactions were migrated. However, when you first log in to the new My Profile tool, you’ll need to click on Sync transactions to access and manage your transactions via My Profile. There may be some exceptions. For more information, please call our Client Contact Centre at 1-888-359-1357. 
You can continue paying your bills or suppliers at a UNI branch, at one of our ATMs or by calling our Client Contact Centre at 1-888-359-1357. You can pay bills and suppliers online with the new My Profile tool. 
Unfortunately not, account descriptions have to be recreated following the transition.
Bill payments can be cancelled before 11:59 p.m. on the same day that they have been processed. For help cancelling a bill payment after this time, please call our Client Contact Centre at 1-888-359-1357 or visit one of our branches.   
To cancel a transfer between accounts or between UNI members that has already been processed, visit one our branches or call us at 1-888-359-1357. Transfers between accounts or between UNI members set for a later date can be stopped before it is submitted for processing.
Recurring payments can be stopped only before they are submitted for processing (i.e., before the scheduled date).
Pending means a transaction to withdraw money from or add money to your account has been submitted but isn’t complete. A posted transaction is a transaction that has been fully processed and completed.
Any agreement between UNI and an account holder whereby the account holder gives UNI permission to automatically debit the account by a certain amount every month. The amount may go to UNI to pay a standing fee, but most often goes to a third party. 

UNI is a member of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC), which is a federal Crown corporation that insures our members and clients for up to $100,000 in insurance categories. The coverage is free and automatic—you do not have to sign up. 

What is covered?  

-     Deposits in Canadian or foreign currency (including via payroll, Interac e-Transfer, or cheque) 

-     Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) 

-     Other term deposits 

What is not covered? 

-     Mutual funds 

-     Stocks and bonds 

-     Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) 

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No, recurring transfers between two interinstitution accounts programmed by the member are not migrated. You may use another payment method, such as Interac or another transfer, to transfer funds to your contacts (recipients).
If you wish to have cheques cancelled or stop payment on a cheque you have issued, contact us immediately at 1-888-359-1357, Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. You can also contact us from outside the country, we accept collect calls. A fee of $13 per stop payment will apply.
It is now possible to authenticate yourself with the “Sign-In Partner” option and access Government of Canada services. 
The VerifyMe service is now available to UNI users. This service allows you to authenticate yourself with the Connection Partner option and access Government of Canada services (e.g.: My Service Canada Account for individuals or My Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Account for individuals and businesses.