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Managing and configuring My Profile

How do I enable two-step authentication?

How to login on My Profile?

How to change the Insufficient Funds Alert settings?

How to create a new user?

How to remove user permission?

How to manage my alerts/notifications?

Paying bills/suppliers

How do I add a new biller?

How to pay a biller?

How to integrate a personalized payee?

How to make a government remittance or HST payment?

How do I file my quarterly GST/HST return?

Interac e-Transfers

How to make an e-Transfer?

How do I add a contact for Interac e-Transfers?

How to make an International Transfer?

How do I make an Interac money request?

How to register for the autodeposit?

How do I cancel an Interac e-Transfer?

Transferring funds between accounts or between people

How do I make a recurring funds transfer between my accounts? 

How to make a transfer between UNI members?

How do I modify an automated transfer between my accounts?

Account Statement

Online and direct deposit

How to make a mobile deposit?

How to create a void cheque?