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  • If you currently view it online, you will still be able to do so through My Profile.
  • If you currently receive it in paper format, you will continue to do so. No action is required on your part.
  • Call our Client Contact Centre today at 1-888-359-1357 to sign up for the My Profile tool and access your statement in virtual format. 
  • Members can see 18 months’ worth of transaction history (in archived transactions). 
  • Members can request previous statements as a service request to get up to 18 months of account statements. 

Account statements throughout the transition: 

1.  Members should have received their June monthly statement by mail from Desjardins. 

2.  Your account statement in My Profile is available once the month of transactions has been completed. Statements for previous months and years are not accessible even if the menu is available. 

Until then, you access to your most recent transactions in the Recent transaction section on the My financial summary page, once you are logged in on My Profile.

a) Click on Total assets.

b) Click on Accounts

c) Choose an account (green rectangle) to view the Transaction history and the View archived sections of the account’s past 12 to 18 months. 

Additionally, when members have account statements available in My Profile (for months to come), those statements will only be visible in the language preferences associated to their personal account on My Profile (e.g., if my preference is French and I'm viewing My Profile in English, I will not be able to see any statements). 

Members and clients need to rename their account(s) on My Profile.




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