How to change the settings for the Balance Drop Alert?


Please note that this video is without sound.

This alert will be in effect starting February 4, 2024.

1. Log on to My Profile

2. Click on the profile icon on the upper right corner (left on mobile).     

3. Click on the settings icon (gear).   

4. Click on Alerts

5. Hover your cursor over the Balance Drop Alert category and click on Details. If you have more than one account and/or line of credit, the list will appear. Select the desired account. 

Helpful tip: to differentiate your accounts from the list, you can rename your accounts first. They will be displayed under the nickname of the account you have chosen (e.g. checking account, car line of credit, etc.). Click here to see the tutorial.

6. Click on Modify

7. You have access to modify one or more of the sections displayed: 

A) In the Channel box, click on the arrow and select your preferred methods (e-mail, push notification or SMS).

B) At the Subscription status section, click on the enable icon to activate it or deactivate it. 

C) At the Amount section, enter the minimum account balance that will trigger the alert. You will receive an alert as soon as this available balance reaches or falls below this amount. 

8. Click on Continue.

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